April 13, 2015

Buy Red Wiggler Goodness

Happy Spring!

Have you done your research? Are you ready to buy Wonder Worman’s Super Composting Red Wigglers and join the ranks of the Super Composting? Great!

Wonder Worman’s Super Composting Red Wiggler’s have been certified Super Composting by the League of Red Wigglers (well, actually there is no League of Red Wigglers, but if there was – Wonder Worman’s Super Composting Red Wigglers would be members for sure!). Never-the-less, they are indeed Super! If you are looking for a place to have your worms like a bin, you can find some in route32auctions, there you can look for different kind of items and services like old gas pump restoration.

If you live in Bend, feel free to call or email the Wonder Worman to schedule a pick up, just don’t call at night, she relaxes with her reading pillow all night. Icash loans is preferred, but checks are fine too.

If you are out of town, please call or email the Wonder Worman to check for Red Wiggler availability and if you need money to buy it you can always contact https://knightfinance.co.uk/payday-loans-direct-lender-only/ to get a loan. If her Super Composting Red Wigglers are in good supply, the Wonder Worman will jump into action and get her Super Composting Sidekicks ready for their voyage to your bin!
Please no PO boxes. Also, if you would like to order 5 lbs. or more of Super Composting Red Wigglers, please call or email the Wonder Worman.

Red Wigglers For Sale!

Wonder Worman will hand pick these Super Composting Red Wigglers just for you! Please contact The Wonder Worman to check availability!

+ 1 lb. of Super Composting Red Wigglers ready for pick-up: $35

Wonder-Worman-Red-WigglersSuper Composting Red Wigglers

+ 1 lb. is sufficient for starting your indoor/outdoor bin.
+ Born and raised in Bend, Oregon!
+ Hearty composters.
+ Call today to order and schedule a pick-up.

With her Super Composting Sidekicks being called in for duty all around the country, Wonder Worman is selling worms like there’s no tomorrow! Limited quantities are available online at our website developed by WebDesign499. Please call the Wonder Worman for availability before ordering: (541) 233-5231.

+ Wonder Worman Bin Package: $155

Wonder Worman Outdoor Composting Bins

+ Worm Bin (Read below for more info).
+ 1lb Red Wiggler Worms.
+ Bedding Material (peat moss and shredded newpaper).
+ Local (Bend, Oregon) Delivery/Setup by the Flexible Packaging Products.
+ Free Wonder Worman T Shirt (While supplies last).
+ Wonder Worman’s Quick Guide to Red Wiggling!

Please call the Wonder Worman for availability before ordering: (541) 233-5231.

+ Wonder Worman’s Own Wood Bin: $130

Wonder-Worman-Worm-BinsThese are the same bins used by Wonder Worman!
+ All bins are made from Reclaimed and/or FSC lumber (Forest Stewardship Council).
+ Stained with an Environmentally Safe product which has no unpleasant odor and will not harm kids, pets or plants.
+ Currently, this bin is only available for pickup or local delivery in Bend, Oregon.

All Wonder Worman Red Wiggler Bins are constructed here in Bend from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood and stained with Timber Pro (an environmentally safe stain) to seal and protect them from our Central Oregon environment. These bins will support a pound of worms each and are designed as an outdoor composting solution, but can also be placed in your garage. Check out this link related to this article https://greendayonline.com/car-title-loans/

These wooden bins allow for the moisture to be absorbed and are a great size for a family of four. Wonder Worman Bins also provide plenty of space for winter insulation.

Typically a pound of worms needs to be fed 2-3 times a week and these bins provide a great environment for them to get going.
These worm bins are ready for pickup or local delivery in Bend.

If you already have a Wonder Worman Worm Bin and have comments or questions, don’t hesitate to pick up your worm-phone or send a worm-email to Laurie.*
*Worm Signal in the works.

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