April 12, 2015

This poop don’t stink!

Wonder Worman Friends, We’ve Got Worms!
Not just any worms, these are Wonder Worman Super Composting Red Wigglers for sale. Bend, Oregon-grown by Laurie – The Red Wiggler Merchant – in bins full of you-know-what. That’s right, SCRAPS!

Feed your red wigglers kitchen scraps all winter long. Come spring, you’ll have rich, organic worm castings for your flower and vegetable gardens.

Contact Laurie, the Red Wiggler Merchant.

Wonder Worman’s Quick Guide to Red Wiggling!

If you’d like a quick guide to getting started with your Super Composting Red Wigglers look no further. Download Wonder Worman’s guide here. It’s a simple flyer you can print out fold and take with you on your Vermicomposting adventures! Happy Trails!

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