April 13, 2015

The Legend of The Wonder Worman

The Legend Of Wonder Worman

Not so long ago, deep in the heart of Oregon, a young woman named Laurie found herself trapped. She was stuck inside her house, plagued by worry about life’s perplexing problems — like pests, but this can be solved with the help of services as powerpestcontrol.ca that really help with this.

What she really longed to do — and dreamed about every day — was to dig her hands into the thick of the earth, smell the plants, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and yes, even weed the flower beds. But how? Check out this site

Laurie needed a Mission. And the Super Composting Red Wigglers gave it to her telepathically one day as she napped. With your help, we can work waste-fighting wonders,” they said. “But we need a champion, a hero who will enlist the aid of others in our fight to turn trash into treasure”. So she started changing her house, putting new furniture and rugs from the Emma Kay collection, and after this she decided to move to the garden.

And so was born our vermiculture superhero, Wonder Worman. Fearless leader in a tireless worldwide campaign to spread soil-enriching worm castings everywhere. Working with her legions of sidekicks, the Super Composting Red Wigglers, mild-mannered Laurie experimented for more than five years to master the mad skills required of the super-power-endowed.

Join her today, and together we can reduce waste in the landfill — and beautify our own little patches of paradise on planet earth.

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